Artisan Gourmet Chocolate made in Switzerland,
European Confections, Chocolates, and Truffles

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Gourmet Swiss Chocolate Gift Box Boutique

Chocolate Lover Tower

Chocolate Lover Tower

  • 4 Pc Milk Chocolate Madness
  • 9 Pc Dark Chocolate Passion Assortment
  • 8 + 8 = 16 pc Lugano Luxuries & Chocolate
    Indulgence Combined
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Chocolate Celebration Tower

Chocolate Celebration Tower

  • 8 Pc Milk Chocolate Madness
  • 18 Pc Piccoletti (middle box) + 9 Pc Dark Chocolate
    Passion Assortment
  • 32 Pc = 16 Pc Lugano & 16 Pc Chocolate
    Indulgence Box Combination
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Chocolate Celebration Tower

Taster Box Collection

  • 1 Party Favor Box - 10 minimum - Your choice!
  • 6 Box Gift Bag
  • 12 Box Gift Bag
  • 18 Box Gift Bag
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  • Choose from:
    Cappuccino - Salted Dark Chocolate Mousse -
    Salted Caramels in Dark Chocolate -
    Dark Chocolate Passion -
    Milk Chocolate Madness -
    Piccoletti Pleasures
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Truffili Luxury Swiss Chocolate, European Truffles & Confections

Savor the finest Luxury Swiss Chocolate – truly artisan gourmet European confections and chocolate truffles made by Switzerland’s premier chocolatier. Truffili di Pellegrini is proud to bring you gourmet Swiss chocolate that will amaze and please you.

For anyone who appreciates gourmet Swiss chocolate, these extraordinary European confections will gratify all your senses with their artistry, aroma, taste and finish. Our chocolate gift boxes and gifts are a great way to show the chocolate connoisseur in your life that you care. Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Whatever the occasion, your loved one will appreciate receiving one of our gourmet chocolate gift boxes.

Artistically pleasing and structurally interesting, each piece of gourmet Swiss chocolate from Truffili di Pellegrini is a work of art inside and out! Following in great Swiss tradition, we use only the finest ingredients to make these artisan European truffles and chocolates unlike any you have ever seen or tasted before. The extraordinary taste, texture, aroma and artistry of these luxury chocolate truffles will capture even the most sophisticated chocolate connoisseur.

Indulge yourself and those special to you with the best European chocolate in the world. These wonderful European truffles and other handcrafted delicacies by Swiss Masters are the perfect gourmet chocolate gift for the Swiss chocolate lover. Send someone close to you one of our chocolate gifts today!